Gutter leaf guard

Blocked rain gutters are an annoyance. Using the RAKU leaf guard, gutters are effectively protected against large pieces of leaves.
Through mounting onto the gutter, the water flow within the gutter is not obstructed. Since it is made of metal, the RAKU leaf guard has a high service life and is non-flammable. The hole diameter of 10 mm guarantees a good water intake and does not become easily blocked.

RAKU RAKU “Classic” leaf guard

RAKU “Classic” leaf guard

The special structural design with holders made of stainless steel and/or copper on the other side guarantee a good hold of the leaf guard profile.

RAKU RAKU “Clip” leaf guard

RAKU “Clip” leaf guard

If the roof cladding extends far into the gutter, the RAKU “Classic” leaf guard can frequently not be mounted. Here, the RAKU “Clip” leaf guard is used. Equipped with another holder, the profile is pushed under the roof cladding and then the holder is attached to the gutter bead.

RAKU Semicircular or flat

Semicircular or flat

In the standard version, the RAKU leaf guard for semicircular or box-shaped gutters is available in all common gutter sizes and materials (special shapes upon request). The large perforations and semicircular shape furthers a good intake of rainwater. If the leaf guard is not visible from below or the roof cladding does not allow the mounting of an arched profile, the flat RAKU leaf guard can be used. As desired, it is available with a “Clip” or “Classic” holder with an upstand on the side facing the roof or completely flat so that you can shape it yourself.