Akropolis roof ridge ventilation system

For standing seam and film roofing

Klassik roof extractor

For slate and shingle roofs

DD fan

Especially for slate roofs

Endless tapes

One-sided/double-sided vulcanisation

Vent hoods

For standing seam roofs

Exhaust pipes

Fixed or movable

Roof ridge extractor

For slate and shingle roofs

Individual products

Depending on customer desire

Cable gland

E.g., for solar cables

Gravel fillets

For flat roof/balcony/terrace

Head expanders

As single or dual head

Gutter expanders

Semicircular or box-shaped

Gutter leaf guard

Made of aluminium, V2A and copper

Pipe flashings

Single-part and two-part

SOFTZINC products

Flexible and ecological