Wall junction profile

A high-quality solution for attaching bitumen sheets, metal sheets, films and plastic seals to vertical masonry (fire protection walls, gable walls, chimneys), as well as balcony and garage connections. Depending on the wall composition, the use of Model K or N.

RAKU RAKU K profile

RAKU K profile

Ready-to-fit, extruded profile with inserted filler bead, perforated, for laying on plaster, facestone masonry and elemental structures

Height: 70 mm + 150 mm

RAKU RAKU N profile

RAKU N profile

Ready-to-fit, extruded profile with applied neoprene tape, perforated, also idea for laying under plaster

Height: 60 mm

RAKU Profile with copper cladding

Profile with copper cladding

Each RAKU wall junction clamping profile can be provided with copper cladding if desired. The advantage of the stability of the extruded profile is combined with the beauty of the copper. To prevent corrosive damage, a separating film has been placed between the metals.

Also available with stainless steel cladding.