Exhaust pipes

Wet cells, drainage pipes, exhaust hoods, and so on – there are many areas of the house that are aerated and/or ventilated through the roof. Adapted to the respective requirements of the roof cladding, various exhaust pipe variants that guarantee optically attractive and functional aeration and ventilation are available.

RAKU Flexible due to lead joint

Flexible due to lead joint

Due to the lead joint, the flexible ventilation pipes can be adapted to roof slopes from 15° to 40°. Available in polished and pre-weathered zinc, copper and stainless steel with an optional lead end piece for installation into tiled roofs.

RAKU With a fixed base plate

With a fixed base plate

All exhaust pipes can be custom-manufactured from the abovementioned materials according to the roof slope of the respective building. Special lengths and diameters upon request.

Also available without a slope for flat roofs (see “Application”)

RAKU For standing seam roofs

For standing seam roofs

The RAKU exhaust pipe for standing seam cladding is also equipped with a lead joint for adaptation to roof slopes from 15° to 40° and has a 10-mm-wide clinched edge for soldering onto the roof area.