Endless tapes

RAKU endless tapes are individually usable expansion joints for capturing temperature length changes in wall coverings and drainage gutters. It is available with one-sided vulcanisation with and without a protective cover or double-sided vulcanisation in the standard lengths of 3000 and 6000 mm and installation widths of 260 mm, 300 mm, 360 mm and 390 mm from all common construction metals.

RAKU One-sided


In the case of expansion joints vulcanised on one side, the rubber is joined to one side of the connecting plates. Advantage: Flat support. Also available as a sheet-metal-covered version to optimise UV protection.

RAKU Double-sided


In case of double-sided vulcanisation, the rubber encloses the top and bottom of the connecting plates. Advantage: More safety due to double rubber-metal connection.

RAKU Sheet-metal-covered


To guarantee special protection from UV rays and mechanical damage, the endless tapes with one-sided vulcanisation are available in an attractive, sheet-metal-covered version. During installation, make sure that the covered side remains freely accessible.