TOPCLIP butt connector

The butt joint design is the “trademark” of a good plumber. Here, particularly care is required since cracks or protruding or even hanging material may result due to the thermal longitudinal expansion if the process is incorrectly performed.
The universal RAKU TOPCLIP butt connector permits a rainwater-proof, optically attractive joining of masonry, roof edge, cornice, roof ridge and windowsill copings made of all common thin construction metal sheets.

RAKU Versatile


The standard designs made of aluminium 1.2 mm or stainless steel 0.8 mm can be used with all common thin construction metal sheets. As a result, the storage of various materials is not necessary.

Dimensions: Length 3000 mm and/or 1500 mm for thicker metal sheets, width 150 mm, generous butt joint area of 45 mm

RAKU Sealing lips

Sealing lips

The vulcanised, 8-mm-high, double sealing lips made of rubber elastomer on both sides of the TOPCLIP butt connector press against each other when the coping is hung from the flashing, thereby forming a secure barrier against the penetration of rainwater.

RAKU Intelligent corner solution

Intelligent corner solution

To provide you with a complete system for connecting wall copings, we have developed a corner solution that can be mounted using the TOPCLIP butt connector. Completely without mitre cuts, soldering or seaming.

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