DD fan

Adapted to the shape of the shingle or fibrated cement plates, the DD fans fit harmonically in the roof area and reduce installation expense to a minimum. Alternatively available with protection against snow and rain.

RAKU Curved-cut cladding

Curved-cut cladding

The RAKU DD fan designed for roofs with curved-cut cladding (the so-called Deutsche Deckung method) can be obtained in sizes 25/25, 30/30, 40/40, 30/40 and 35/35 for right and left cladding, made of copper or galvanised, dark-grey coated sheet steel.

RAKU Double cladding

Double cladding

The RAKU-DD fan for double cladding is suitable for sizes 30/30, 35/20, 35/25, 35/35, 40/20, 40/25, 40/40, 50/25 and 60/30. Other sizes on request.

RAKU Additional cladding types

Additional cladding types

DD fans for the following cladding types also belong to our product range: “Old German” style cladding (right + left in various cut shapes), scale template (right + left) and universal cladding in sizes 25/25 and 30/30.