Akropolis roof ridge ventilation system

Akropolis is a ready-to-fit, complete ventilation system that includes wooden substructures for standing seam, bitumen and film roofing.

RAKU Active ventilation

Active ventilation

Due to the special structural design, a vacuum arises inside the fan in case of wind. This vacuum suctions the air right out of the roof space (-> active ventilation). Condensation water and any penetrating rainwater are conducted outside through the sheet metal structure.


Place the basic wooden structure onto the formwork and screw it into place. Adapt the shingles and/or film. Connection height for seamed roofs = 80 mm, for film roofs = 150 mm. Put the centre piece of the fan into place and screw and/or rivet it to the basic wooden structure. Put the metal cover (3) over it and rivet it on two sides. Position the next fan in a flush manner, align it and fasten it accordingly. Lay the provided connector above the butt joint and rivet it on one side, put the provided roof ridge cap on the end of the roof ridge (gable) and fasten with rivets on all sides. Penetrating rainwater is conducted away through the two-chamber system.