Pipe flashings

Application-appropriate solutions for mounting aerial and power masts, mast guys and other kinds of pipes.

RAKU Two-part flashings

Two-part flashings

The two-part structure of the RAKU aerial mast, power mast, and mast guy flashings enable custom-fit roof cladding without having to disassemble the aerial.


  • Polished zinc
  • Pre-weathered Anthra-Zinc®
  • Copper
  • Lead connection made of Saturnblei, Bleiplus or Bleicolor lead


RAKU Single-part flashings

Single-part flashings

The single-part pipe flashing can be used for roof slopes from 15° to 45° due to its special form and lead collar.

Materials: see above

RAKU Mast guy flashing

Mast guy flashing

For the safe accommodation of mast guys and anchor screws. Quick and easy mounting.

Standard diameter: 10 mm (others upon request)