Connections of roof penetrations to uneven roof claddings, such as clay or concrete roofing tiles require flexible, easily mouldable materials.
Our flashings, roof bushings and ventilation pipes with SOFTZINC connections provide you with an environmentally compatible and easy-to-process solution. The design freedom is expanded by the “Anthracite” and “Brick red” colour variants and designs with adhesive film.

RAKU Pipe flashings

Pipe flashings

Aerial flashing Ø 60 mm

Power mast flashing Ø 80 mm

Mast guy flashing Ø 10 mm

Pipe flashings Ø 90 - 150 mm

RAKU Exhaust pipes

Exhaust pipes

Movable design for roof slopes of 15°- 40°

Fixed design appropriate for the roof slope

RAKU Solar cable bushing

Solar cable bushing

For cable strands Ø 45-90 mm

Connection and grommet made of SOFTZINC

All products are available in the following SOFTZINC variants:

Bright as rolled, anthracite or brick-red, alternatively with or without adhesive film