Downpipe accessories

Handcrafted, high-quality roof drainage accessories – a small, but nice range with a wide variety of design possibilities.

RAKU Gutter leader box

Gutter leader box

Standard: Square, short 300x220x220 mm (HxWxL) / other dimensions and shapes upon request (see “Individual solutions”)
Material: Titanium zinc, copper, galvanised sheet steel, stainless steel
Discharge: 76 mm - 120 mm (others upon request)

RAKU Pipe branch

Pipe branch

Number of degrees: 72° and 60°
Material: Titanium zinc, copper, aluminium
Size: Height 250 mm, diameter 50 mm - 120 mm
Other numbers of degrees, diameters and double branches upon request

RAKU Segment bends

Segment bends

Individual segments beaded and soldered in handcrafted quality. With telescopic pipe bracket.
Material: Titanium zinc, copper
Size: Diameter 60 mm - 120 mm, pivoted in or out, outreach between 25-29 cm and 140-149 cm (others upon request)