Gutter expanders

RAKU gutter expanders are ready-to-install expansion elements that fit all semicircular and box-shaped roof gutters in a standard unwinding from 200 to 500 mm and special shapes, like rooftop or profile gutters.

RAKU One-sided vulcanisation

One-sided vulcanisation

Through their flat support, gutter expanders with one-sided vulcanisation can be soldered between the gutter ends and installed without external facework as a so-called insert tape above the gutter butt joint.

RAKU Double-sided vulcanisation

Double-sided vulcanisation

The double-sided vulcanisation offers additional safety with the double rubber-metal connection. On the outside, the rubber is protected by a screen.

RAKU Material variety

Material variety

Whether one-sided or double-sided vulcanisation, semicircular, box-shaped or specially designed gutters, RAKU gutter expanders are available in installation widths of 260 mm, 300 mm and 360 mm made of zinc (polished or pre-weathered), copper, galvanised sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel (4301+4401), Uginox FTE + FME or Roofinox.